Bilateral SCIP flaps to large scrotoperineal defect reconstruction

  • Francisco Sebastián Carvajal Flechas Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department, Hospital Regional de Duitama, Duitama, Colombia
  • Daniel Larrarte-Arenas Faculty of Medicine, Pontifical Xavierian University, Bogotá, Colombia
Keywords: perforator flap, reconstructive surgery, fournier’s gangrene, necrotizing fasciitis, perineum, scrotum, scrotoperineal defect


Background: Scrotoperineal defects reconstruction can be related to multiple etiologies, being Fournier’s gangrene one of the most important etiologies due to its rapidly progressive nature and high mortality rates. Therefore, new reconstruction techniques have been developed and analyzed over the past few years to achieve good functional and esthetic results, among these techniques are the perforator flaps.

Objective: Presenting this case, we want to prove that using bilateral SCIP (superficial circumflex iliac artery perforator), flaps can be a satisfactory option for reconstruction of scrotoperineal defects, without major postoperative complications and adequate functional and esthetic results.

Design: This article describes the use of the bilateral SCIP flaps as a reconstructive alternative in scrotum and perineum large defects.

Results: SCIP flaps can achieve good results in the reconstruction of large scrotoperineal defects at the functional and esthetic levels, with minimum morbidity in the donor site.

Discussion: Multiple alternatives for perineoscrotal defects reconstruction have been described in the literature. The proposed surgical treatment algorithms depend on various factors such as the location and extension of the compromised areas.

Conclusions: The discussed SCIP flap proves a very good alternative in the analyzed cases and can be used in a unilateral or bilateral way depending on the extension of the defect to be reconstructed.


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