About the Journal

SAPS Journal stands as the official scientific communication of SAPS Academy, an independent Network of Plastic Surgeons concerned about sharing and growing experience throughout the World, founded in 2016.

We are compromised in in delivering high quality papers to spread knowledge in Plastic Surgery through innovation in e-based education and online learning platforms. Our Editorial board has been hand-picked to foresee a strict scientific correlation between our publication effort and our Authors.

Our only drive is constant evolution with the highest standards, with peer-review articles that represent the current evolution of our Specialty.

Our mission is to develop a strong and growing network of surgeons sharing the thrill of high quality and innovation in surgery and education.

The purpose of this Journal is to cooperate with the Plastic Surgeons to fulfill their ideas in close relation to our high standards in clinical care and ethical value. 

Aims and Scope

Science and Art in Plastic Surgery Journal (SAPS Journal) aims to provide peer-reviewed work from Plastic Surgeons to Plastic Surgeons, presenting their expertise and innovation in the different fields of our Specialty.

We seek to contribute to the constant growth in knowledge in this unique Field of medicine, where Art meets Science as in no other Surgical specialty. Through international experts we present new trends, research, new technologies and review of the state of the art in Plastic surgery.

Topics covered by SAPS Journal include but are not limited to:

  • Fundamentals and Principles in Plastic Surgery
  • Aesthetic Surgery in Body contour
  • Aesthetic Surgery of the Breast
  • Aesthetic Surgery of the Nose
  • Aesthetic Surgery of the aging Face
  • Aesthetic Surgery of the gluteal area
  • Aesthetic Non-surgical procedures and Technology
  • Aesthetic and Reconstructive Gender Reaffirmation
  • Body contouring after Massive Weight loss
  • Reconstructive Surgery of the extremities
  • Reconstructive Microsurgery
  • Reconstructive and aesthetic Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Reconstructive Surgery of the Breast
  • Reconstructive Surgery in Lymphedema
  • Ethics in plastic Surgery
  • Social media and Business Growth in Plastic Surgery

Submitted material is initially reviewed by the Editorial Board and will undertake afterward peer review by anonymous independent experts in single blind fashion.